New Swiss airline, SKY2SHARE, was founded with the aim of repositioning business air mobility as a serious commercial and industrial business instrument; creator of lasting value in the economic (productivity, creativity and confidentiality) and social (comfort and improved quality of life of employees) roles that it fulfills in the eyes of professionals, and remedy the flamboyance that it symbolizes in the eyes of the public. Its strategy is to maximize the economic and social impacts of business air mobility, while minimizing its environmental footprint; this in a spirit of sustainability based on economic, social and environmental pillars. SKY2SHARE is a participant in the Swiss Triple Impact program.

Its business model is based primarily on the operation of PILATUS PC-12 mono-turboprop business jets which consume and emit 40% less than light twin-jets used for the same missions, eliminating 50% of CO2 emissions by direct capture of carbon in ambient air carried out by a pioneering organization, a spin-off of the ETH, and the optimization of standardized operating procedures allowing up to 10% reductions of emissions, for co-owned air mobility dedicated solely to businesses.

In the near future, it will involve the integration into its fleet of 15 CASSIO aircraft, currently under development by the company VoltAero, which it has already ordered. The CASSIO with hybrid-electric propulsion reduces emissions by 30% and will, ultimately, be able to use biogasoline, the test of which has just been successfully carried out, then liquid hydrogen, respectively very low and almost zero CO2 emissions over their carbon life cycles. This will be complemented by the use of electrofuel (e-kerosene) for our PC-12 fleet, once available on a larger scale, whose CO2 emissions are almost non-existent over the carbon life cycle.

Today SKY2SHARE wants to share its mission and create partnerships with companies and investors who recognize themselves in its vision while wanting to participate in its realization. SKY2SHARE is not only a very profitable financial and commercial investment, but is also a moral investment for all economic and financial entities that want to contribute to the achievement of sustainable economic growth.