Interview with Selim Franko: “Our goal is to provide flights with close to zero environmental impact”

Founded by a group of professionals, SKY2SHARE is a new Swiss private aviation company committed to decarbonizing business air mobility. The company aims to optimize the productivity, comfort and confidentiality of professionals while reducing its environmental impact. To do this, SKY2SHARE will operate eco-responsible business jets such as the Pilatus PC-12, emitting 40% less than jet engines of the same size and for the same missions, eliminating up to 100% of emissions. of CO2 by direct capture of carbon in ambient air in collaboration with a pioneering Swiss company in the field, and will integrate 15 hybrid-electric Cassio aircraft which are in the advanced phase of development by the company VoltAero whose assembly plant is currently under construction on the Rochefort Airport site in Charente-Maritime. Cassios, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 30%, will be able to use alternative fuels with very low, if any, carbon footprint, such as bio-gasoline, liquid hydrogen and electrofuel, all with a co-ownership business model dedicated solely to B2B; which makes it a major player in sustainable and responsible business air mobility. Meeting with Selim Franko, CEO of SKY2SHARE.