EBACE 2024

EBACE’s themes of innovation, sustainability and safety will be the focus of VoltAero and SKY2SHARE at this business aviation show

Geneva, Switzerland, May 23, 2024 – France’s VoltAero and the Swiss-based SKY2SHARE business-to-business air transport operator are joining forces at next week’s EBACE convention to highlight their vision for sustainable regional mobility – combining VoltAero’s electric-hybrid Cassio aircraft with SKY2SHARE’s solution for private business flights that will be truly sustainable. VoltAero is welcoming the SKY2SHARE executive team on its exhibit stand (#F25) from May 28 to 30 during EBACE 2024 (the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) in Geneva’s Palexpo convention center. Also present at EBACE in the static exhibit area will be VoltAero’s Cassio S testbed aircraft, which has validated the company’s parallel electric-hybrid propulsion system during more than 220 flights, covering more than 15,000 km. As a VoltAero strategic partner, SKY2SHARE has ordered Cassio airplanes for integration into its fleet, supported by a sales structure, after-sales MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) service, and backed by a dedicated training center – all managed on behalf of private owners, either independently or in co-ownership. Utilizing the Cassio aircraft with VoltAero’s innovative parallel electric-hybrid propulsion system, SKY2SHARE will apply its own optimized operating while also removing residual emissions from the atmosphere through CO2 removal by Direct Air Capture. “SKY2SHARE’s disruptive model will demonstrate that private business aviation can be socially and environmentally sustainable with better financial performance,” explained Selim Franko, the CEO of SKY2SHARE. “Benefitting from Cassio’s ‘clean sheet’ design, we will have an airplane that delivers an order of magnitude higher performance and provides significantly lower operational costs.” Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO & Chief Technology Officer, added: “As a future Cassio operator, SKY2SHARE is to serve as a business multiplier that offers much lower environmental impact than regular commercial flights with less costs and more productivity.” SKY2SHARE’s pre-order with VoltAero begins with the five-seat Cassio 330 configuration, and retains the foward flexibility to incorporate the six-seat Cassio 480 and 12-seat Cassio 600 versions. VoltAero’s patented Cassio parallel electric-hybrid propulsion concept is unique, with the aircraft using an electric motor in its aft fuselage-mounted propulsion unit for all-electric power during taxi, takeoff, primary flight (if the distance traveled is less than 150 km.), and landing. The hybrid feature – with the internal combustion engine integrated in the powertrain – comes into play as a range extender, recharging the batteries while in flight. Additionally, this hybrid element serves as a backup in the event of a problem with the electric propulsion, ensuring true fail-safe functionality.
VoltAero and SKY2SHARE will hold a joint EBACE press conference on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 10:30 a.m. on VoltAero’s exhibit stand, #F25 in the Palexpo convention center. Participating in the briefing will be VoltAero CEO Jean Botti; Selim Franko, the CEO of SKY2SHARE; and Philippe Vignon, SKY2SHARE CCO (former easyJet General Manager – Commercial).

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VoltAero is taking electric aircraft to an entirely new level. Benefitting from 80-plus years of combined pioneering expertise, VoltAero is developing a truly unique general aviation airplane family, Cassio, for safe, quiet, efficient and eco-friendly flight in electric and electric-hybrid modes.

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SHY2SHARE is a B2B operator that provides on-demand flights that are delivered through a unique fractional ownership management program, allowing to radically reduce the environmental impact of business aviation.